• - Web Crawling Service Provider -

    Please go to this website instead: https://www.thedataknight.com/ , this website will be closing down soon.


    We are a Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) provider that can crawl publicly available data accurately. Combine the data we gather with your private data to propel your enterprise forward.


    You don’t have to worry about setting up servers and web crawling software. We provide a full service and do everything for you. Just tell us what data you need and we will get it for you.


    We are both currently working as data scientists, so we are able to provide insights from the crawled data.






  • - ABOUT US -

    What we can do?


    Wanted to provide analysis but can't find appropriate dataset?


    We are here to make web data more accessible for you!


    Interested to know how we build a crawler?


    Visit this website for more infomation!


    Scrape Complex website

    Scrape websites with Anti-Scrapping Measures, Infinity Scrolling, etc.

    Access data in any format

    Access crawled data in any way you want

    json, csv, xlsx, etc

    High Data


    Remove duplicates and ensure complete data before delivered


    All data provided are only sample data


    E-retailer Website

    Plastic Surgery

    Healthcare Website


    E-commerce Website

    The GreenBook

    Company's Information Website

    Female Daily

    Product Review Website


    Price Comparison Website


    Social media sites

    users' posts, users' comments


    Social media sites

    users' demographics

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